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We believe in the most powerful network of all. That of people.

For a great network of people, we have created a great network that can make everyone feel closer, all the time. That is why WINDTRE and its Fast Internet Network exists.

With our Top Quality Network we make every experience truly special.

Every day we carry out our mission: to improve relationships between people and eliminate all distance, With our Top Quality Network we have created a great network, able to make everyone feel closer to make every moment truly special.

In our WINDTRE stores you will discover the best in telephony, with solutions and products to suit every need and at an affordable price for everyone. With WINDTRE, you will have all the benefits of the Top Quality Network, thanks to the excellent performance tested on the mobile and fixed network. A human network, designed to eliminate any distance between people and make them feel "Much Closer."

Do you have questions? Our staff will help you choose the best offer for you.

WINDTRE is the new mobile brand that brings with it the best of all Wind and Three's offerings and technologies.

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