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L’Erbolario was founded in Lodi in 1978 as a small artisan herbalist’s, but much earlier in the dreams of its founders: Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa, have, ever since their childhood, always shared their passion for the world of medicinal plants, and spent days on end in the country fields of Lodi searching for wild herbs.

The first phytocosmetics came to life by initially retracing family recipes handed down by Franco’s father. This was then combined with knowledge acquired during herbalist, phytocosmetics and phytopreparation courses. Step by step L’Erbolario products went beyond the doors of the Lodi shop to become widespread on the shelves of herbalists all over Italy.

Without neglecting its vocation as a family business, it embarked on a path of constant growth that lead L’Erbolario to become a renowned and affirmed international company, a leader in the Italian market of plant-based cosmetics and an increasingly appreciated brand also overseas.

With 5.500 sales points throughout Italy and 185 single-brand shops, 14 of which overseas, L’Erbolario has entered the homes of over 10 million Italian families. Successfully exported to 42 countries around the world, L’Erbolario is the name of an unmistakeable style that represents natural beauty.

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