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Welcome to Equivalenza.

Welcome to a place that is full of sensations, emotions and experiences. Welcome to a world that changes with us: a world that evolves, shifts and adapts. A world where our moods, sensations and desires are in charge. If you’re ready to discover our world and create your own, we’ll provide you with guidance with each beauty product to express any given moment, feeling or emotion.

We create unique products designed for every moment of the day, every special situation and every expression or action you want to transmit. We encourage you to use our products to empower yourself in those moments and embrace your feelings without barriers. Feelings evoked by just a word or an aroma are beautiful, unique and indescribable. Combine your favourite fragrance notes with your actions and words and give real meaning to your message.

Transform, create, combine. Try, enjoy and rediscover new things.

At Equivalenza, we look forward to seeing you and creating a new world together.

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